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Vanilla Taste of Beauty


About Us

We have been established since 1997 and have incorporated our brand name as VANILLA Taste of Beauty since 2003. Since then, VANILLA had won several awards, prominent awards like the Singapore Promising Brand Award in the year 2005 also Excellence Service Award. VANILLA provides exquisite products, facial as well as slimming services and it is an reputable beauty salon in Singapore. VANILLA identified the potential to make beauty and well-being part of lifestyle. VANILLA believes that true beauty originates from within, from a body which is respected, cared for and listened to. With this conviction, VANILLA examines the daily rhythm of the hectic lifestyle of consumers today and works on giving them a break, dedicated of health and beauty. This is the promise of effective, complete face and body treatments which combine extraordinary products and treatments together with the proven experience of professional beauty therapists. Numerous clients have attested to their promise of quality treatments and services. VANILLA grows with increasing referrals and film reputation.

Our Culture

The VANILLA culture is one that empowers people to express their true beauty. Adopting an open approach towards natural living, VANILLA embraces a positive circle of sharing. It encourages people who successfully discover and able to express his or her true beauty to share their happiness with others. A ‘Happy’ brand that is committed to deliver happiness through sharing its taste of beauty services to the local and international communities.