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Refresh Bodyworks


With a vision for a better experience for our customers in Refresh Bodywork, we set out to update our brand and create a new way to manage our wellness centre. So we’re excited to share with you, the new Refresh TCM Wellness brand.

Refresh TCM Wellness has three key pillars that differentiate us as the best option for customers in Singapore.

First, a new holistic Slimming & Beauty Wellness program has been designed to satisfy any requirements our customers might have. Second, our expansion team members with skills and experiences have come out with a new service menu to show their expertise and professionalism in every treatment. Third, our world-class TCM based wellness program emphasizes on providing treatments in a 100% natural and safe way.

Together with our professional team, Refresh TCM Wellness centre promises to stay reliable and provide high-quality services just to cater to every little thing you need