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Four Leaves


Established since 1981, Four Leaves Pte Ltd has transformed over the years and broadened our operations all over Singapore. From the very beginning, we started our first outlet at Nutmeg Road, over the years and have since launched our Central Factory and retail outlets in Singapore.

Under the group of Four Leaves, we are also managing the various brand names of St Leaven (Takashimaya) , Epid’Or (Raffles City) , Yamazaki, Country Brot (Waterway Point & North Point) In addition, we have a subsidiary in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and Penang) under the name Four Leaves Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

We have been providing wide range of bakery products and cakes by applying Japanese up-to-date technologies, rigorous quality assurance and innovative spirit. We recognize to prove ‘Good Quality’ of products is equal to ‘Good Service’ to our customers. In response to increased awareness of food safety and security in Singapore, we continue to strengthen our food safety and hygiene systems to guarantee our ongoing capability to provide products and services by putting on uppermost level of Japanese system to guarantee our ongoing capability that meet customers’ needs. We manage quality at all stages including the procurement of raw material, such as high quality of wheat flour from one of leading companies in the industry, as a trustworthy bakery manufacturer.

As one of the leading companies in the bakery industry, we are making extensive efforts to contribute to the Singapore food industry, especially for bakery culture and development of innovative methods of bakery business in Singapore.